Valerie Harper, you will forever be in my heart. You'll never know how much I love you. You are everything to me, the class, the kindness, the beauty, the wit. You're Rhoda Morgenstern, and you'll never be forgotten. Where ever you end up, I'll follow you forever. Chin up, Val. You're gonna make it after all.
So, this is a Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper tribute blog. Enjoy, and follow my personal 'blawg'. *hover over bar below for links*

+ N A V I G A T I O N


So if Zelana wants to take everything away from Regina why is she dead set on killing Emma Swan?
Because swan queen is endgame.


For those who are wondering, yes the vault is also the sex dungeon.


I paused this part, where they are clearly looking at each other. 
It had to be done.
I love my photo shopping skills

Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (1967)

Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore rehearsing for Thoroughly Modern Millie